Before a work surface arrives at your home, it has already been treated with a special maintenance product. We recommend you to seal your work surfaces once a year in the case of light granite and once in two years in the case of dark granite. Clean surfaces with soft and humid cotton cloth. Use non-acid cleaning products. Twice a year clean with a stone soap. For everyday cleaning use simple (window) cleaning products.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Please clean the stains as soon as possible so that the dirt cannot absorb into the surface. The most damaging effect has the long contact with strong products, such as oils, juice, coffee, red wine. In the case of the contact with the mentioned products, dry the stains and rinse quickly with water and neutral cleaning liquid. If it happens that there has still remained a stain that is difficult to remove, please contact Graniteset where you can buy a special cleaning paste for the stone. Do not cut anything directly on the granite surface. You risk to leave scratches on the surface. If you use your working surface appropriately and clean it with suitable products, the surface shine and long lifetime of the stone are guaranteed.

You have 1 year guarantee for our products/ services.